Apply to Be a Volunteer.

Please click here to fill out a volunteer application. Once we have run/received a clean background check from you, we will notify you. After that, you can visit the same page to sign up for specific volunteer opportunities through the growing season.

Please note: all volunteers must pass a basic background check in order to volunteer at AFLO. 

Already Approved & ready to get some dirt under your nails?

Click here to see what activities we could use some extra hands for on the farm.

We always welcome volunteers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

While we sometimes have special projects going on (ex: rebuilding a hoophouse, putting up new deer fencing, building an animal shelter, getting a particular crop in the ground quickly), we also welcome volunteers who are willing to help out with whatever needs doing, like harvesting, weeding, starting seed trays, etc.

School Groups, Community Organizations, and Companies?

We welcome groups of volunteers on the farm, but need to settle on the best activity for many hands. Please contact to start a conversation.