Feeding our growers

Each week, our growers will go home with a bag/box of food that they have helped grow. One of the benefits of performing meaningful work is that we can perceive the results of this work. When it comes to farming, the results are incredibly easy for us to see, touch, and taste. We want our growers to be able to experience the satisfaction that comes with having a meaningful job, beyond simply collecting a paycheck. The best part? Being able to consume the healthy food that we grew with our own hearts, minds, and hands.

Our Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We currently deliver weekly boxes of produce to CSA members via drop-off locations in Capitol Hill, DC and Leesburg, VA. We are looking for climate-controlled  delivery sites (a business, home, church, etc.) in the Berryville, VA area as well as in Round Hill, VA and Purcellville, VA. If you have suggestions about these, please drop us a line at info@afarmlessordinary.org.

Farmers Markets

In 2017, we also began selling our produce at a farmers market at the Village of Leesburg on Wednesday evenings. The purpose of adding this new activity is threefold: 1) practice the “art” of setting up and breaking down a table and keep our produce fresh and attractive at market, 2) publicize our mission, and the importance of disability employment, with the general public, and 3) give our Growers a chance to practice their social and change-making skills with strangers. We have discovered that our employees absolutely love the chance to participate in the market. They work on their math and communication skills and get a change of scenery and pace from their time spent on the farm.