Feeding our growers

Each week, our growers will go home with a bag/box of food that they have helped grow. One of the benefits of performing meaningful work is that we can perceive the results of this work. When it comes to farming, the results are incredibly easy for us to see, touch, and taste. We want our growers to be able to experience the satisfaction that comes with having a meaningful job, beyond simply collecting a paycheck. The best part? Being able to consume the healthy food that we grew with our own hearts, minds, and hands.

Our Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

In 2016, we are launching a small, invitation-only CSA membership to a few folks on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC. We are limiting membership this year, as we figure out what works for us and get a handle on how many crops we can harvest and deliver on a weekly basis. Once we have a better idea of what is realistic in terms of delivery, number of customers, and growing cycles, we will open our membership up to a larger number of customer in DC, and perhaps in nearby Virginia counties.

Farmers Markets

In 2017, our goal is to have our growers sell our produce at a few farmers' markets in the Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun County area, in order to practice/polish their social and communication skills, as well as expand our market reach and add to the financial sustainability of our non-profit. Please stay tuned.