Check Out what's growing and what we're harvesting this week

June 2017: We had a great spring crop of lettuce, radicchio, and kale (we need to keep replanting the lettuce all summer long. We have also had our first truly successful year growing large amounts of broccoli (including a purple variety), cabbage, and cauliflower (including a variety that "blushes"). We have also mastered the art of growing beautiful beats this year. Our peas our overflowing, and our zucchini has just made an appearance recently. We are anxiously awaiting the "redding" of our tomatoes, as well as our eggplants and peppers. Also, in anticipation of our larger CSA membership this year and our venture into farmers' markets, we planted a TON of purple and gold tomatoes, which are doing very well. Also new this year? Leeks.

Early October 2016: The new, fresh kale is here (I've half given up on the old crop, which the beetles are feasting on for a 24 hour/day party. We've still go tons of peppers coming in (it's canning season!), and we're checking on the fall crops every day (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage) and willing them to show up. And yes, as our CSA members can tell you, the eggplant is still going strong. We also have tons of green tomatoes growing, although we're not sure if they'll "red up" before we till under the garden.

End of July 2016: Amazingly, our kale is still going. And our tomatoes have just started turning red. We have some beautiful, oddly shaped heirlooms, along with black cherry tomatoes. Our peppers are coming in strong, including some very hot ones. Their colors will really start to come in at the end of August, but they're still tasty. We also have a bountiful crop of purple and white eggplant. We're waiting on our sweet corn to wrap up, and have recently begun seeding our fall plants (kale, chard, leeks, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, white/yellow/purple cauliflower, beets, carrots, and lettuce. We will be harvesting a second round of potatoes  soon, and are eagerly awaiting the pollination of our melon plants so that we can see some cantaloup and watermelons appear. We're also drowning in yellow and green zucchini and cucumbers. SO MANY CUCUMBERS and ZUCCHINI.

Mid June 2016: We have harvested our spinach, kale, and lettuce (we will plant lettuce all summer long and plant spinach again in late summer). We have dug up most of our spring radishes (more to come in the fall). And we are waiting for our peas to pop (a watched pot never boils, so they say). Our peppers are starting to come in. Our strawberries are taking a little break after a promising spring crop--they tasted like candy! Our squash volunteers from last year are almost ready to harvest, while the squash we actually planted this year are still growing their leaves. And our tomatoes are flowering, so it is just a matter of time before we see their fruit.

February 2016: We're still in seed starting mode at this point. So far, we have started red and yellow onion, Romanesco and Calabrese broccoli, Imperial Star artichoke, and Giant Musselburgh leek seeds.