Vegetables Are Punny: 2017 T-Shirt Fundraiser

Help support our 2017 growing season, which is in full swing. We are growing twice as much as we did last year, with 8 employees who work tirelessly under the hot Virginia sun to plant, grow, and harvest a beautiful variety of veggies for delivery to low-income Loudoun County families and to Capitol Hill. 

We have started preparing a new field for next year, which will mean doubling the size of our tilled acreage (and responsibilities). We need to pay a contractor to come in and till under the cover crop we have planted there (to prepare the soil for next year), and we will also need to put up ~836 feet of deer fencing (to keep out hungry critters) before winter. 

Hence, the "punny" t-shirts that will help us cover all of these new costs. :)

We hope you'll support us again this year. We are grateful to everyone who helped us get this organization off the ground.

The AFLO Team