Do you or does someone you know have an intellectual or developmental disability?

Depending on how full we are during the growing season (March - October), we may have room for additional employees. At this time,  we do not operate during winter months. Please email us at to see if we are currently hiring.

Employees must: 

  • Have a diagnosed developmental or intellectual disability
  • Be of working age, or have a work permit from the Commonwealth of Virginia, if age 14 or 15
  • Be willing to work outside in varying weather conditions, in the dirt
  • Have some form of transportation to get to our farm in Bluemont, VA

We try to match the job to our employees' skills and interests.

We start out by sitting down and talking to potential employees, along with their families (or the job coach or employment agency they've come with) to figure out what kinds of activities the employee might be most successful at and happiest in doing. At A Farm Less Ordinary, we want everyone to succeed. And once they have a few of those successes under their belts, we can challenge them to try new tasks that might be a bit more of a stretch. 

Depending on our Growers' abilities and comfort level, we may pair them with another Grower, who can show them the ropes, or have them work with a Job Coach or our Farm Manager to master a skill until they can work more independently. We are also happy to include parents and personal Job Coaches on the farm, if employees work best with someone they already know.

Long story short? We are flexible to various work arrangements. 

Yes, we pay our employees. No, our employees  do not have to work full-time.

We are not a "sheltered workshop". Our employees start out a minimum wage and progress upward from there. While we wish we could pay everybody even more than that, we are, after all, a non-profit organization. 

We also understand that not everyone is able to work full work days. We will work with families to establish a reasonable work day for each Grower.