In 2017, One Storm Destroyed All of Our Hard Work...

Hoophouse Destruction 1.JPG
In March of 2018, a terrible windstorm on our mountain destroyed our hoophouse. On that day, we lost half our our spring seedlings to the destruction and wind exposure. We moved our spring growing operation into the basement of our house, which quickly became unmanageable. We managed to put the hoophouse back up with superglue and rubber bands - more or less - but there is no way this thing is going to survive another winter.

Nor is it going to allow us to launch what we’ve always dreamed of: employing people with intellectual disabilities year round. To do that, we need a permanent building that will allow us to grow produce 365 days a year.

We're Raising funds to finally build a permanent greenhouse!


Our current growing - and therefore employment - season runs from mid/late March through the end of October. Within these months, we start growing seedlings (while it's still cold outside, but about to warm up), we plant those seedlings, lay irrigation lines/landscape fabric or plastic outdoors, maintain the farm, harvest our produce, deliver and sell our produce, and then break down the fields at the end of October.

But What Happens Between October and March?

To be honest, it's a pretty "dead" time for our many of our Growers. They have some very empty days to fill. They're not interacting on a daily basis with peers. They're not very active. They're not leaving their houses each day to perform meaningful work and earn a paycheck. They're bored. They're playing video games. Their parents are running out of ideas for how to fill their adult children's days  disabilities, anxieties, fixations, and boredom. In summary, the winter months can be an empty, isolated time for many of our Growers.

But we're changing all that, and it starts with this greenhouse.

This time, we are building something stronger and permanent--something that is not vulnerable to the whims of nature, as well as something we could grow food in over the winter months. This greenhouse will allow us to employ people with disabilities year-round, fulfilling our mission to the greatest extent yet.

donations of $250 or more will be recognized by a plaque in Our greenhouse.

Yup. You can be a pane in our...greenhouse. (Yes. We went there!)